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Why Are You Single? Wait… Is that a bad thing?

We have this belief system that being single is bad.

It’s not.

Check out this video where I dispel some of the myths about how people in relationships are happier and healthier than people who are single.

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Stressful social relations and mortality: a prospective cohort study

Social Relationships and Health: A Flashpoint for Health Policy

Marriage and health: His and hers.

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How Do I Find The Types Of People I Would Like To Date?

This video is hot! Somebody call the cops! (Somebody did… there are sirens at the end…)

Sometimes finding a partner can be a frustrating process, can’t it?!

We go on date after date, head to party after party, and we’re just not meeting “the one” or the types of people we even want a second date with!

The challenge is that we’re usually expecting to meet the types of people we want in places that they seldom are. So, ask yourself, “Where does my ideal type of partner hang out? What do they do for fun?”

We often get scared that by missing a party we miss the chance to meet “the one”… and this can lead to the deadly epidemic of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

But by choosing these parties or activities that aren’t necessarily always contributing to our greatest and healthiest selves, what are we foregoing? It turns out… maybe a lot!

We need to choose activities and events, not out of the fear of not meeting someone, but more so because that activity or event is a hell-yeah! And it’s contributing to the type of person we wish to be.

It’s in these moments where we choose ourselves that we meet other people who choose themselves too.

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Can Men And Women Be Just Friends?

Relationships often begin as friendships. And friendships often get lost in sex and the desire for “Friends With Benefits”.

But can men and women exist in the space of friendship alone?

I tackle this ever-long debate of whether Men & Woman can be just friends with reference to experience and some science that challenges my view.

What do you think about friendship between men & women? What has been your experience?

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Is The World Ready For Emotional Men?

We talk a lot about wanting men to be able to communicate their emotions, but do we really want them to own how they feel?

Have the men of generations past and the historical absence of emotional transparency created a lack of credibility when the men of today share how they feel?

I’m interested to know your thoughts. Please share in the comments below!

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How To Master Communication And Get More Of What You Want

Communication is often cited as one of the most desired traits in a relationship partner.

And for good reason.

We know that being an effective communicator is a major driver of success in not only our relationships, but also every other facet of our lives.

We often cling to the idea, “I’m just not good at talking about my emotions!”

That this ability to communicate is a skill we’re born with. I disagree.

Our ability to have emotional and vulnerable conversations is a strength and skillset we can build over time.

And a skill that we should build.

This skill allows us to express our expectations and what we need from our partners. It can turn arguments into discussions. It can determine whether we build and learn, or cause pain and damage.

Even more importantly, it will offer us the opportunity to celebrate wins and let our partner know when we feel joy, satisfaction, gratitude and love.

Being a great communicator will bridge connection through vulnerability and get us through the ebbs and flows of life and love.

In the end, it will be the largest contributing force in the satisfaction and longevity of ALL our relationships.

The secret is to try. To start with the words that we know. The rest will come with practice.

Be supportive and patient with each other’s personal development and offer an environment that is open to learning and making mistakes. It’s how we grow. Together.

Our kids will learn all these skills from us too. No pressure.

Want to become a great communicator? Learn how. It’s all in this video.

Please share if you think other people would benefit from this information.

Much love to everyone.

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What If My Friends And Family Hate My Partner?

We’ve all been there.

You know, that awkward moment when your friends and/or family tell you that they’re not exactly sure about your choice of partner.

Maybe they’ve heard one too many things. Maybe it’s just a gut feel. Nonetheless, it can be one of the greatest sources of tension in a friendship or within a family when no one seems to like or agree with our choice of mate.

So what do we do? What does it mean? They can’t possibly know better than me can they? Think again…