How To Master Communication And Get More Of What You Want

Communication is often cited as one of the most desired traits in a relationship partner.

And for good reason.

We know that being an effective communicator is a major driver of success in not only our relationships, but also every other facet of our lives.

We often cling to the idea, “I’m just not good at talking about my emotions!”

That this ability to communicate is a skill we’re born with. I disagree.

Our ability to have emotional and vulnerable conversations is a strength and skillset we can build over time.

And a skill that we should build.

This skill allows us to express our expectations and what we need from our partners. It can turn arguments into discussions. It can determine whether we build and learn, or cause pain and damage.

Even more importantly, it will offer us the opportunity to celebrate wins and let our partner know when we feel joy, satisfaction, gratitude and love.

Being a great communicator will bridge connection through vulnerability and get us through the ebbs and flows of life and love.

In the end, it will be the largest contributing force in the satisfaction and longevity of ALL our relationships.

The secret is to try. To start with the words that we know. The rest will come with practice.

Be supportive and patient with each other’s personal development and offer an environment that is open to learning and making mistakes. It’s how we grow. Together.

Our kids will learn all these skills from us too. No pressure.

Want to become a great communicator? Learn how. It’s all in this video.

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Much love to everyone.