Go Deep

Deep blueA 3-Month Program to Help You Create More Love, Build Deeper Connections & Show Up as Your Highest Self in Your Relationships


Who It’s For

This program is right for you if you…

  • Are having trouble connecting in a meaningful way to your partner
  • Want someone to help you uncover your blind spots and give you some strategies to eliminate them
  • Feel like you’ve done everything you can to heal or mend a hurt relationship but nothing is working
  • Want to find love but are lacking the confidence to put yourself out there
  • Are newly single and are looking for some support as you navigate this new territory
  • Feel hurt and vulnerable but at the same time really want to find love or reconnect to your current partner
  • Want to understand why you keep staying in relationships that no longer serve you so you can make better choices
  • Know that you have to have a very difficult conversation with your partner and want some tools and scripts to help you get through it with confidence, strength and most importantly, compassion 

What You Get

Three Months of Coaching Calls

Each month you’ll get on the phone with your coach for either two or three 55-minute phone/skype calls to identify your primary concerns and clarify what support, tools or resources you need to move forward. Together, you’ll dive deep into relationship patterns that have gotten in your way and shed some light on the blind spots that might be preventing you from creating the love you want. You will be challenged to take responsibility for how you’ve been showing up in your relationships in the past and how you’d like to do so going forward. You will be supported and held accountable as you explore your options and get clear on the path you’d like to take.

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