How Do I Find The Types Of People I Would Like To Date?

This video is hot! Somebody call the cops! (Somebody did… there are sirens at the end…)

Sometimes finding a partner can be a frustrating process, can’t it?!

We go on date after date, head to party after party, and we’re just not meeting “the one” or the types of people we even want a second date with!

The challenge is that we’re usually expecting to meet the types of people we want in places that they seldom are. So, ask yourself, “Where does my ideal type of partner hang out? What do they do for fun?”

We often get scared that by missing a party we miss the chance to meet “the one”… and this can lead to the deadly epidemic of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

But by choosing these parties or activities that aren’t necessarily always contributing to our greatest and healthiest selves, what are we foregoing? It turns out… maybe a lot!

We need to choose activities and events, not out of the fear of not meeting someone, but more so because that activity or event is a hell-yeah! And it’s contributing to the type of person we wish to be.

It’s in these moments where we choose ourselves that we meet other people who choose themselves too.

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