My Top 5 Christmas Gift Suggestions!

“What do you want for Christmas?”

“I’m fine. I already have everything I need.”
1. BS.
2. This is usually a test if it’s our partner speaking.
3. People always enjoy something.
No matter what holiday you might be celebrating or if it’s a birthday, finding the right gift can be a serious challenge.
For that reason I have composed a list from both my own heart, as they are products and companies I LOVE, and they are products/companies my friends and the Createthelove team love.
I know the struggle with the thought: “What the heck do I get the worst person to shop for?!”
We know this person. You’re probably this person for someone else. So let’s just forward this list to everybody and tell them what you actually want from it! Novel idea, right? This is personal growth in action: expressing what we want and need. Not hinting. Not wishing they’d read between the passive lines. Not hoping they’ll get the point when we share a story on our Instagram.
Okay, let’s get down to business.


Holy crap balls. THESE ARE JEANS THAT FEEL LIKE JOGGING PANTS. WHAT?! Think I’m kidding? I just got some and holy moly. They were inspired by a guy who wanted a pair of jeans he could ride his bike in AND look cool and not feel like he’s covered in stiff sand. IT WORKED. And they’re not a million dollars. The price point is super reasonable for an amazing quality product that is locally owned and EPIC. And we negotiated a discount for you. You’re welcome.

No joke, I own sixteen T-shirts from this company, two henley’s and a dress coat. I swear to you this is the best t-shirt I’ve ever worn. Soft, supple, and the fit is SEXY. I think so at least, and I often get asked by men where I got them. I feel good in their clothes and they have a great origin story… The price point is awesome and I promise you you will not be disappointed owning a lot of their clothes.

I really love their blue light blocking styles as well as their Daywalkers. If you want to get into the science on this you can nerd out on why we need them, or, you can just get some, improve your health, look super cool and a little smarter (glasses add 25 IQ points for me)…and look sexy and stylish.


These headphones are next level. I travel for work and these noise cancelling wireless headphones pretty much expunge the noise of the plane (and the annoying person beside you…)
Add to that they have amazing sound… all the better to listen to my podcast with… 


I love Victory Barber out of Victoria and Vancouver. The founder, Matty Conrad is not only a great friend of mine (and also just a really epic human), has created epic products. I love him. He’s a great man and Victory Barbers keep my hair on point. (He recommended I cut my thinning long locks… great idea!) My two fave products from Victory are the Wash and the Heritage Dopp kits(aka. Bathroom bags). They are vintage, cool, rugged, and raise my testosterone just by owning one. Can’t lose buying your man one of these.




I have a sleep mask from them and can tell you 1000% that every woman I know who has clothes from there is over the moon about how soft, comfy and amazing their products are. The clothes are SO SOFT. This is a home run as a gift… and as someone who has had the pleasure of being intimate with someone wearing Lunya… you almost wanna keep some of it on. TMI? Perfect.


I didn’t know that essential oils could literally change my life. This company is founded by and employs epic humans. I have a relationship with them and love to support them in any way I can because their products bring calm, peace, joy, and amazing sleeps. My favourite blends of theirs are Into the Forest, because it reminds me of trees (I love trees), and Dream State because…Sleep. I love sleep. 

I love love. I love crystals. I love woo woo. I love that this company, that is owned by an epic woman, comes with curated boxes of crystal combinations you need for ANY occasion. It’s very thoughtfully done and the branding is funny and on point. A great price point too. So thoughtful and simple. This brand is going to continue to blow up.

I love local. I love sustainability. I love the women in my life who tell me how to live it better. I love supporting all businesses, including and especially businesses from badass women. This is one of those businesses. My Createthelove team raves about these products. Check them out! We even got a special discount for you. Use the code CREATETHELOVE15 to unlock the joy.

THEY CREATE A MAP OF THE SKY FROM THE NIGHT YOU MET. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! No matter if this is a partner, a friend, or a map of the stars of a date of birth, this gift is winning. If it’s for a romantic partner, you’re welcome. You’re gonna be naked very soon.


Okay, this is going to sound weird, but these sheets are like the best spooning, naked hug. I need to warn you you will always want to be naked in them. They are literally THE BEST SHEETS I’VE EVER TOUCHED. And anyone I have bought them for as a gift has LOVED them and bought more. I bought a friend a king set instead of a queen set and they upgraded their bed to fit the sheets. True Story.
Eight Dates. insightful, simple, fun, and packed with research, love, care, and tips and suggestions on how to navigate all of our most challenging subjects in life and love. AND, it’s written by four really amazing people who are doing such beautiful work in the world. AND, you get to go on 8 Dates. This is magic and the pages of this book with change your life and your relationship, I promise you.
If you follow me on Instagram you know I love this place. I tried to move in once, but they apparently weren’t okay with me living in the nap room. THEY HAVE NAP ROOMS. And fires, and cold plunges, and hot tubs and NO TALKING and NO PHONES. This is what dreams are made of. You may not live near Scandinave, so if you can’t make it to one, be sure to buy you and your partner an experience. Experiences are more satisfying over the longterm and allow you two to build connection and create memories. Memories can be cherished… Gifts have a short shelf life.
This fitness brand is my new favourite. I swear to you that literally every person I gift Vuori to becomes a loyalist to them as well. This company is based out of Encinitas, California. They have the softest and best workout shirts! For travel and working out I like the Ponto Pant… they are comfiest things ever. For women the performance jogger gets rave reviews. Seriously, you cannot go wrong get something for each of you from Vuori. And we got you covered with a discount code for 15% off: CREATETHEVUORI15
Have sex. Cuddle. And the best gift ever?!? I polled men and women and a little surprise cunnilingus or fellatio never went unappreciated. Oral that is not attached to any expectations and/or outcomes. Just a nice little gift FOR THEM. Out of the blue. 
We forget that everything before sex is foreplay, including our conversations… This is a PSA. Let’s not forget to put down our phones and connect for real. Let’s not take our partner’s for granted. Let’s do the very beautiful, intentional work of being present and enjoying the intimacy of touch (and cuddling and talking too).