Here’s what’s up: I am no longer working 1 on 1 with clients.  BUT these two coaches are amazing AF… so amazing, in fact, that I highly endorse their coaching abilities and skills. Read on to learn more about then, apply to work with them, and then you’ll get set up with one of their next available coaching spots!



IG: @nicksolaczek


Nick Solaczek is a coach, group facilitator, public speaker and writer based in Vancouver, BC. He believes that getting to know ourselves at all our depths is an extremely important piece of cultivating self-acceptance and aligning our desires with our reality. Essentially, our relationship with ourselves determines everything else.

His work with clients is focused on stepping into authenticity, defining clear boundaries and getting more out of life. In addition, Nick is passionate about teaching the fundamentals of conscious adult relationship and empowering others in their romantic lives. The result? In short, Nick’s clients begin to see, feel, and experience what it is like to get what they want in life (and sometimes even to learn what that is for the very first time).

Through coaching, Nick believes that anything is possible, but the level of success one attains is entirely based on their willingness to move forward with their life and take action. Nick has a Bachelor’s Degree from the British Columbia Institute of Technology and has recently completed his training in IMAGO Relationship Therapy for Couples.

“Working with Nick has brought a lot of personal insight and growth into my life. He always asked the difficult questions and became the mirror I really needed to help me heal in areas that I had been avoiding for years. He brought many different tools and exercises to each session, which I can now utilize as I continue down my path of growth and healing. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to have had Nick as a Life Coach, he’s opened my eyes and encouraged me to create a life I can’t wait to wake up to everyday!”
– Laura F.

“How do you put into words what it is like to work with someone that in a very short time truly changed the trajectory of your life…how you show up in the world and how you feel about yourself. Nick gave me the ability to see that even though I thought I was showing up with full vulnerability and authenticity…I actually wasn’t. I was playing small. I was playing safe. Truthfully I was playing a bit scared. Nick has given me tools to use my voice, to have difficult conversations, to be vulnerable, to truly understand myself, to be a better partner and in doing so to receive that in return. Nick holds me accountable to do challenging things and gives me just the right amount of push to move forward. Through my work with Nick, I have found a peace, a confidence and a knowing that I can’t describe but I am so damn grateful to him for. Nick is a relationship coach, but that extends beyond what you expect…he coaches you to be better in all your relationships…as a romantic partner, a friend, family member, in your career and most of all with yourself. I will not only be better to me because of this work but I can be better to others. Nick has given me so much to look forward to and I can’t wait to continue to grow while we work together. Nick is unlike any other coach I’ve ever worked with, somehow he makes it all just click in a way that feels right. Nick is all around phenomenal. This work is a f*ck yes! Give yourself the gift of working with Nick, you are worth it!”
– Corinne C.


IG: @therapy_with_kat_weed


Kat believes that there is nothing more important in life than cultivating healthy relationships with ourselves and the people we love. Her greatest passion is helping clients free themselves from old and unhelpful patterns in order to know themselves in a more authentic way, which then empowers and invites deeper connections with others.

Kat began her journey home to herself over a decade ago, when she realized that she’d hit a wall in her own life. Even though she seemed like she had it “all together” on the outside (or not!), her internal experience consisted mainly of anxiety, panic, hopelessness, and most noticeably, recurring unhealthy patterns in her relationships (aka total insanity!), all of which was the result of unintegrated trauma. She decided that it was time to prioritize her relationship with herself, and made a decision to pour everything she had into her own well-being.

The first phase of her journey involved a deep dive into massage, energy work, conscious breath work and yoga trainings, all of which she spent several years practicing and teaching. While she found these practices helpful in the short term, she realized that she had to dig deeper if she wanted to get at the root of what was keeping her stuck. Shifting into the world of therapy and coaching, Kat discovered what she needed to embody all of who she was in a new way. She realized that it was her life’s purpose to guide others on their journey, so that they too could create a life rich with meaning, fulfillment and connection.

Kat holds a bachelor’s degree from Queen’s University as well as a master’s degree in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University, and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors. She also has a diploma in Transpersonal Counselling Psychology from Clearmind International Institute, as well as training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, a body-oriented approach to working with symptoms of trauma which reside in the nervous system. She works with clients online from her home in Squamish, BC, and in her spare time, she loves to mountain bike, trail run, backcountry ski, surf, travel, play music, and dance.

“Before I found Kat, I felt stuck in old patterns, and lost and unclear as to who I was and how to move forward. I also felt anxious, and found it hard to set boundaries and put my own needs first. Honestly, working with Kat completely changed my life. She helped me connect with myself in a “real” way that I never had before, which helped me to unearth who I was underneath all the layers of crap that I’d picked up over the years…which has helped me to actually shift my old patterns. One of the biggest things I learned from her was to have compassion for myself, which was something I never thought would’ve been possible for me (because I was always so hard on myself).”

“Working with Kat was so transformative for me. She is an amazing listener and is very compassionate, which helped me to feel safe. She helped me to understand my feelings and body sensations, which are things I used to avoid in a big way. Now I’m actually able to use them as information, which helps me to reconnect with myself and to what I want and need. Something I used to struggle with was expressing myself with my husband, and she helped me to understand why this pattern existed and helped me change it. Since then, I’ve been able to experience a level of closeness with my husband that I didn’t know was possible.”